Chapter 17: Glossary & Acronyms

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Chapter 17
Section: Glossary and Acronyms
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Shared Accommodation/Co-living Developments:
Professionally managed rental accommodation, where individual rooms are rented within a(n overall){commercial} development that includes access to shared or communal facilities and amenities. (See also Section 5. (13){19} of the (DHPLG){DHLG&H’s} Section 28 Guidelines, “Sustainable Urban Housing: Design Standards for new Apartment’s” (20(18){20}).

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(Social Infrastructure: Social infrastructure includes all community infrastructure.  The physical infrastructure necessary for successful communities, i.e. community infrastructure such as schools, libraries, community centres, cultural spaces, health centres, facilities for the elderly and persons with disabilities, childcare facilities, parks, and other facilities and spaces for play and recreational activity.)

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Chapter 17
Section: Glossary and Acronyms
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LEO: Local Enterprise Office
{LEV:        Low Emitting Vehicle}
LIHAF:      Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund