Volume 4 - Record of Protected Structures

Closed25 Nov, 2021, 12:00am - 14 Feb, 2022, 4:30pm

The Record of Protected Structures

Each Local Authority is obliged to compile and maintain a Record of Protected Structures (RPS) under the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended).  A protected structure is a structure which the local authority considers to be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view.  In relation to a protected structure, the meaning of the term ‘structure’ refers to the interior and exterior, including all fixtures and fittings which form part of the structure, unless otherwise determined by the Conservation Section. It also refers to land lying within the curtilage of the structure, any other structures lying within that curtilage, their interior and exterior and all fixtures and features which form part of that structure, unless otherwise determined by the Conservation Section.  The protection extends to boundary treatments and to any features specified as being in the attendant grounds.  Owners and occupiers of a protected structure must ensure that the structure or any element of a protected structure is not endangered through harm, decay or damage, through neglect or direct or indirect means. 

The RPS is a dynamic record, subject to revision and addition.  Additions and deletions to the RPS can be made throughout the life of the Development Plan.  Amendments to the Record can be viewed on the Dublin City Council website (www.dublincity.ie).

Protected Structures are denoted by a red asterisk on the accompanying Development Plan maps.  The Development Plan maps should be read in conjunction with the written RPS and are intended to aid identification of a structure only.  The Development Plan maps do not form part of the official record and these do not indicate the precise extent of the protected structure or its curtilage and or its attendant grounds.  The written RPS takes precedence over the Development Plan maps.  If you require further details in relation to a structure included in the RPS or where there is uncertainty in relation to the location of a structure please seek clarification from the Conservation Section (conservation@dublincity.ie).

The RPS contained within this volume provides the reference number, address information and a brief description of the structure.  Building names (current or former) and/or reference to a former use may be included where this assists in identifying a structure.  Structures are ordered alphabetically by postal address with cross-referencing of structures indicated in italics.

Explanatory Note for RPS

A number of Additions/Clarifications/Deletions are proposed to the RPS under the Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028. These can be identified within the RPS as follows:

Additions: Highlighted in pink  and identified by the letter ‘a’ in the last column of a row.
Clarifications: Highlighted in green and identified by the letter ‘c’ in the last column of a row.
Deletions: Highlighted in blue  and identified by the letter ‘d’ in the last column of a row.


Download the Record of Protected Structures (.xls)